Jayde’s Apple A Day Program

Jayde’s Apple A Day!

I have a huge heart for pediatric cancer patients. I founded the Apple a Day Program in 2011, in memory of a courageous 16 year-old girl. Brittany Hamilton was the bravest person I’d ever known. We became friends in 2009 at a charity event. She was a 14 year-old bald headed badass. My goal was to show Brittany the world of music, radio, to give her access to experiences she may not otherwise have had. What I didn’t realize through the course of our friendship, was that Brittany would teach me more than I could’ve ever shown her. 

On her 16th birthday, I sat in the hospital with this brave teenager trapped in a hospital bed. All she wanted was to connect with her friends. I had just bought a new iPhone & though to myselfhow incrediblethis device could be for her. Once she got out of the hospital that time around, we were off on a shopping spree to get her an iPhone of her own. I put her on my plan, my family pitched in to buy her iTunes cards, and just like that- she was SMILING again. Texting friends, listening to music, sending me cat videos. It opened up a whole new world for this girl who had become accustom to spending her time alone in a hospital.  

Brittany lost her decade long battle with neuroblastoma in June of 2010, just months later. It hit us hard. A child dying of cancer will never make sense. How could I keep her memory alive. 


A year later on Brittany’s birthday, I founded the Apple a Day Program in memory of my sweet friend. Our goal: “Keep Kids Connected While Fighting Cancer.” I witnessed firsthand how life-changing this small device can be. Since launching the program, we have donated 200+ iPads to children battling cancer. It has been an honor to spend time with these children & families with the same courage that my friend Brittany had. I think of her every time we surprise a child with an iPad. And I always tell them about my brave Brittany.

My goal has always been to bring love, laughter, and positivity to these families who endure so much. In turn, I have become so inspired by these little heroes, gained so much love, and it is a huge privilege to call them my Apple a Day family. 

Would love you to get involved as I expand to NYC. Email me if you’re interested in more info. 

Twitter & Instagram: @appleaday4kids