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Hi there, I’m Anne Marie Leamy!

My first day on a morning show in 2006 we struggled to make Anne Marie not sound so complicated on the air. I went with “Annie” because that’s what my dearest friends and family called me growing up.

So let me reintroduce myself, I’m Annie. I was born in New York hospital to two of the most generous, caring, supportive and loving parents. My father, Jerry, grew up here and had the city edge but was the biggest mush. My mom, Marianne on the other hand is the more quiet observer, who is the ultimate support system. They showed me unconditional love, taught me to always take care of myself and as long as I’m happy, then money is no object.

I had eight wonderful years broadcasting in the Hudson Valley. I experienced TV for several years but nothing compares to radio. It’s full of wacky people who somehow fit the same mold. We have the ability to reach local people in ways that affect their daily lives. I found deeper connections to people through charity events where you build stronger bonds.

In my personal life I had a goal to buy a home completely on my own by 30. I hustled my booty working in the service industry for over a decade … and closed on a home days before my 30th. Now I’m the luckiest girl in the world to live in a studio in Hells kitchen! Who knew.

NYC truly is the best place on earth. Full of go getters and the best darn Old fashioneds I have ever tasted. I used to cook every meal back home. Now it’s seamless, Netflix and happy hour. Who needs groceries or cable when the city is at your door step. I most enjoy dinners with my girlfriends and quality time with those I love. I don’t get sarcasm and can be sensitive sometimes. I look forward to hopefully meeting you one day. Salute!

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