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Joey Kramer grew up in the NYC listening area and was a PLJ fan before ever setting foot in the radio station. As a kid, there were 2 things he had aspirations for when he got older..become a dentist and drive a school bus on the side. As the years went on, Joey realized he needed to set the bar much MUCH lower. Radio was perfect!

He would play “radio” with his cassette deck & his WKRP in Cincinnati DJ set up. That should’ve been a little clue into the future but he had a thing for molars..what can we say? Joey started his career as a PLJ intern and began his on-air career at WOSS in Ossining N.Y. where he had a rather large following from the prison population. Then it was onto WJLK FM in Monmouth/Ocean. Next stop, KC 101 in New Haven.

In June of ’96 he received the phone call to join the airstaff of 95-5 PLJ! He has worked with and learned from some of the most talented people in the biz. He is a 3 time N.Y. A.I.R. Award winner. Joey is a voice actor, and every now and then, you may hear him on a radio commercial or as you’re flipping through the TV channels.

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