On-Air: Joey Kramer


Joey Kramer is from the NYC listening area and grew up with PLJ on the dial.  As a child, he had dreams of becoming a dentist… As the years went on, Joey realized he needed to set the bar much MUCH lower. Radio was perfect!

His cassette deck & “WKRP in Cincinnati” DJ set up sparked his love for radio. That should’ve been a little clue into the future. Joey started his career as a ​PLJ intern and began his on-air career at WOSS in Ossining, N.Y. where he had a rather large following from the prison population. Then it was onto WJLK FM in Monmouth/Ocean. Next stop, KC 101 in New Haven.

In June of ’96 he received the phone call to join the air-staff of 95-5 PLJ! He has worked with and learned from some of the most talented people in the biz. He is a 3-time N.Y. A.I.R. Award winner. 

Joey is a voice actor, and every now and then, you may hear him on a radio or television commercial.