On Air: Johnny


About Johnny

Yo dudes! I’m John Mingione!

You can catch me on the city streets with “Todd & Jayde In The Morning” weekdays from 6-10am! As the newest addition to the show, my goal is to bring a fun and weird twist to every morning!

As a native New Yorker born and raised on Long Island, I’m pumped to get to know you and for you to get to know me! I got my start as an intern/ sandwich-getter for Jimmy Fallon and Regis & Kelly. From there I went on to make a bunch of viral videos and parody songs, which received millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. These videos caught the attention of Jayde Donovan, who hit me up for coffee one day (we ended up getting beers). The rest is history.

Looking forward to bringing my videos, parody songs, and unique perspectives to NYC. Titles we’ve been tossing around for me have been:

-Street Ranger
-Vigilante Of Video
-Parody Prince
-Professional Jackass

(If you have any suggestions, as you can see we need them, feel free to submit 😉

Besides my love/lust for radio, I am an award winning filmmaker and I’m passionate about film and TV. My dream is to one day be Seth Rogan. Just less beefy.

I also have a passion for music and I play in a punk rock band. I play almost every instrument, ranging from cello and drums to guitar and ukulele. In my band I sing and play bass/ piano. Blink-182 is, and forever will be, my favorite band. They got me into music when I was 10 years old and I have been obsessed with their outlook on life ever since. Everything is one big joke to them. Who doesn’t love 3 naked dudes streaking on MTV singing “What’s My Age Agian!?” (I’m not saying I love naked dudes. Totally not gay… I’m not! I love women…. umm this just got awkward sorry!!)

Other things I love are snowboarding, basketball, camping, penne alla vodka, the beach, family and friends, and sometimes cute adorable kittens. Looking back on this paragraph I probably should’ve put “family” before “penne alla vodka”… whoops! Too late!

Listen for me weekdays on “Todd & Jayde In The Morning” and check out my other creations on my website JOHNisFUNNY.com (All the other domain names were taken…) !