On-Air: Race Taylor

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Hey, wanna hear something weird? I’ve been on 95.5 PLJ since the 1900’s. THAT, is crazy!

It’s been a hot minute, and it’s been awesome!

My kids have all grown up here, and in a sense, so have I. You might even hear me on ABC TV or The Golf Channel. My wife Patty loves New York City more than anyone I know. Don’t be surprised if you bump into us at The Garden, a Broadway theatre, or a restaurant in Little Italy. If you’re in Jersey look for us in line at Applegate Farm. Have you tried the Vanilla Peanut Butter with hot fudge? It will change your life!

Listen, if you need a song, or a fourth to fill out a weekend tee time, call me! 1-800-321-WPLJ.