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Todd- PLJ

I was born and raised in upstate New York…”apple knocker country” as my cousins on Long Island call it. I’m the youngest of 3 kids and the only boy…which means my parents didn’t really notice I was alive till I was moving out and tried to take the couch. Both my folks are still alive and living in Florida. They have very little idea what I do for a living but I understand my mother proudly tells everyone I fix radios. Close enough.

Sadly, I wasn’t blessed with a thirst for education so while I was a freshman in High School, I decided to start a job that didn’t require that much, hence my career in radio began. My voice changed when I was 12 so it was either radio or phone sex. (try interviewing for that job when you don’t know what the words mean)  I loved how being on the radio got me dates, well over my head. I mentioned several female classmates on my shows while working after school, weekends and holidays … when I wasn’t playing baseball, basketball, soccer and the occasional game of semi-naked twister. After I graduated high school, by the skin of my teeth, I moved to the big city. OK…big for me…Albany, NY! I was there for seven years and loved every minute of it but always wanted more. I married Carrie in 19-Eighty ummmm, hell that was a long time ago. We have 2 amazing, wonderful, creative money spenders Amanda and Hayley. (Amanda was two when we moved to NY City and Hayley was born during my 4th year at PLJ in 1995). We have lived in NJ since 1993 and I consider it my home state. Jersey Strong!

Along with the two girls, we provided a home for hamsters, rabbits, a duck, two dogs (Willie, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 14 and now our newest member of the family, Prince) l think I may love animals more than some people. Having Prince, a Great Dane/German Shepard mix, around to fill up the “empty nest” is a laugh a minute. There’s simply nothing better than a goofy, clumsy, 4 legged, tail wagging, smoosh ball.

I have been lucky enough to have survived in New York radio for many years and worked beside some great people. Some of you may also remember me from my time with the, then WWF. I was the host of Mania, Action Zone, Superstars and Challenge. I also appeared on the first ever Monday Night raw and did several Pay Per View broadcasts and countdown shows. Thank you Vince McMahon! I did a little acting on the NBC soap opera, Another World playing “Sam the Man” Malone and on the long running, As The World Turns … back in the day. I’m humbled to say that over the years I’ve won a few radio awards and I even have an Emmy. (Technically, I have a certificate, not a statue).

In my spare time I write and produce content for television through my production company. I love to play tennis, go target shooting and binge watch TV shows. I have an undying respect and admiration for the NYPD and was fortunate enough to host all of their 911 tribute concerts. Thank you all for your service and bravery.

I have an amazing career, great friends and loyal listeners, who have made it possible for me to remain in the country’s biggest radio market for more than half my life. However, I have to say…my greatest joy is my family. I enjoyed and spent tons of time with my kids when they were growing up but it all went to fast. Remember to call your parents …and not just when you need money. We’re more than happy to hear about your day even if nothing at all happened. It’s your little voice we miss.

William Morris Endeavor represents Todd and his production companies. His radio interests are represented by The Weiss Agency.

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